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Top 3 Sanders For Furniture On The Market

There are thousands of electric sanders on the market today and they all have their different uses for different applications. Some sanders are for walls and ceilings thanks to their long handles, whereas other sanders are perfect for detailed sanding in between small objects. There are also those sanders used in woodworking and are primarily used for wooden furniture, and more often than not these come as Belt Sanders. Belt Sanders are perfect for bigger furniture that needs sanding, such as table tops and other flat surfaced areas.

Instead of using vibrations to sand down objects, Belt Sanders use a belt feature that keeps going around instead of up and down and to the sides. This means that they are perfect for flat surfaced furniture such as table tops, because they can sand much more efficiently and provide better results. If you are currently on the lookout for a new sander for your furniture sanding needs, have a look at the three below which are the most popular on the market.

Skil 1215AC Review – Our Number 1

Skil 1215AC Belt Sander ReviewThe Skil 1215AC Belt Sander (VIEW PRICE HERE!) almost looks like it should be in Robot Wars, but apart from its great design it also offers a few decent features that will make sanding down any furniture a breeze. The Belt Sander itself is built around a 650 Watt motor so you can be sure that any sanding job is going to get done quickly. This Belt Sander comes with many features such as the quick belt change and its ability to attach itself to a vacuum so dust extraction is nearly 100%. If you are looking for a good quality sander for your furniture sanding needs, then you should have a look at the other features this product provides:

  • Dust extraction – You can be sure that during any application dust is at its minimum thanks to this sanders dust extraction abilities. You can attach this sander to a vacuum for even better dust extraction but it also comes with a dust box that will collect the dust until you are able to empty it.
  • Easy “Clic” Belt Change – The sander itself was designed to not only make sanding easier, but also the whole sanding process including the belt change required when the belt is no longer usable. This product comes with an easy “Clic” Belt Change that means you can quickly change the sand paper belt within seconds, so it isn’t going to take much time out of your day at all.
  • 650 Watt Powerful Motor – This product needs to be powerful if it has any chance of being able to cope with some of the sanding requirements from furniture, which is why it is fully equipped with a 650 Watt Motor to make sanding effortless.
  • Ergonomic design – This product was ergonomically designed so that it is comfortable and easy to hold during any application.

This product is at its ultimate best when tackling bigger areas but thanks to its overall sanding ability, it’s also able to tackle the smaller jobs with ease too. In terms of price, it’s a great buy for anyone whether they are using it domestically or commercially, so it’s a product to suit the needs of any sanding job. If you are looking for a new belt sander that is of top quality, you should definitely consider the Skil 1215AC Belt Sander and all of the features it provides.


Features: Ergonomically designed – Clic Easy Belt Change – 650 Watt Motor – Dust Extraction

Pricing: Mid range




Makita BO4555 Review – Number 2

Makita BO4555 ReviewThis Makita Sander isn’t a belt sander and instead relies on its vibrations to sand objects, but thanks to its easy grip feature it makes this one of the most comfortable sanders to use on the market. The easy grip feature implemented into this design certainly makes sanding a lot easier, and depending on what you are sanding will depend on how much effort it takes. If you are looking for a quality sander that is ultimately going to get the job done and make sure it is done within the most comfortable environment, then you should have a look at some of the other features this product provides:

  • Easy grip feature – The easy grip feature was introduced so users were even more comfortable during operation. Along with its lightweight design and the fact this product has lower vibrations that its competitors means this is one of the most comfortable sanders around.
  • Low vibrations – This sander was designed to be as comfortable as possible which is why Makita made it their priority to reduce the vibrations as much as possible, and they have done that with great success with this product.
  • Lightweight design – – This design is perfectly lightweight and comfortable so you will be able to use it for long periods without it causing any strains on your joints.
  • Velcro sand paper attachments – The Velcro sand paper attachment feature is one of the best features available on a sander. Simply take existing sand paper offer and then place a new one in its place – it doesn’t get any easier.
  • Dust extraction – The dust extraction system is mandatory for any good sanding finish which is why Makita implemented a good dust extraction system into this sanders design. It will collect excess dust and deposit it into the box behind it ready for you to empty whenever you see fit.

Makita always go above and beyond for their customers which is why they have listened and taken into account their concerns. With this sander it proves that Makita has listened because they have implemented a few new features to make this design much more comfortable than its competitors. If you are looking for an affordable sander that isn’t going to set you back a lot, this Makita BO4555 Palm Sander will provide you with the ultimate palm sanding experience.


Features: Easy grip feature – Velcro attachments – Dust extraction – Lightweight – Comfortable

Pricing: Mid range





Bosch PSM 100 Review – Number 3

Bosch PSM 100 ReviewThe Bosch PSM 100 Multi-Sander is great for those seeking a sander that is not only comfortable, but also one that is versatile and can take on any sanding job put in front of it. This Bosch Multi-Sander will definitely give any sanding job a good go thanks to its features and comfortable grip design. If you are currently on the lookout for a great multi-sander that is going to put all of the other sanders on the market to shame, have a look at some of the features this quality Bosch product provides:

  • Versatile – Bosch made it their number one priority to create a sander that can be used for multiple purpose sanding jobs. Whether you are looking for a small sander for intricate sanding jobs, or a general purpose sander for a mix of both worlds – this sander will help you do that.
  • Bosch micro-filter – The Bosch micro-filter is a handy feature that is going to ultimately keep the dust away from the working environment. It sucks up the dust through the holes in the pads and then deposits it into its built in chamber which can be emptied after the job is finished. This provides a much cleaner working environments and provides an even better finish to any application its used on.
  • Easy to use – This product is very easy to use and doesn’t require you have a prior knowledge when it comes to sanding. There is a helpful manual that is included with the purchase, but simply plugging it in and sanding is all that is needed to do.
  • Lightweight design – This product is very lightweight which means it is much easier to use for prolonged periods on bigger areas that need sanding. As this product is so compact, it is always easy to just change hands and continue sanding for as long as needed.

This product is great for simple and more complex jobs which makes it a lot more versatile than some of its competitors. This product is very simple to use and it can be used for long periods thanks to its compact and lightweight design. If you are looking for a product that is not only going to perform to its highest abilities at every turn, but also a product that is going to last, then you should definitely consider this Bosch product.


Features: Dust extraction – Easy to use – Lightweight – Compact – Velcro attachments

Pricing: Affordable






The Bosch Multi-Sander and the Makita Palm Sander both offers the user a great all-round experience for a reasonable price, but the one that is able to top them both is the Skil Belt Sander mainly because it is powerful and offers a lot more in terms of features and durability. If you are currently looking for a new sander that is perfect for sanding down furniture, then you can’t go far wrong than the Skil Belt Sander – it has everything you need to make sanding furniture effortless.





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