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Top 3 Drywall Sanders On The Market

If you have had the unfortunate experience of trying to sand down walls and ceilings using a general sanding machine you will already know how much hard work is involved, and when you are eventually finished you will often walk away with plenty of aches and pains to last you a lifetime. Fortunately though, those days are long gone thanks to the introduction of wall sanders, and you will now be able to sand walls and ceilings quickly and without any stress to your joints.

Wall sanders are more or less just like general electric sanders except they come attached with a long handle so you don’t need to keep your arms above your head all day. In domestic sanding circumstances, a general electric sander might do the trick but if you are a painter or decorator, a wall sander will definitely save you a lot of hassle – and it won’t affect your joints much at all. If you are currently on the lookout for a new wall sander, have a look at the three below which are three of the most popular on the market today.

GMC GWS600 Review – Our Number 1

GMC GWS600 ReviewThis wall sander by GMC almost looks like a metal detector (VIEW PRICE HERE!), but don’t let that phase you as its powerful 600 Watt motor will ensure your bulk sanding tasks quickly dwindle. This particular wall sander has everything from a big plate to make sanding even quicker to a dual action dust extraction system to keep your working environment tidy – it has everything you need to make wall and ceiling sanding a breeze. Have a look at some of the other many features this GMC GWS600 Wall Sander provides:

  • 600 Watt Motor – This wall sander consists of a 600 Watt motor so you can be sure of a powerful experience that is going to get the toughest of sanding jobs done quickly. You will also find that thanks to its powerful motor it always leaves a professional touch on all sanding work it completes.
  • Dual action dust extraction – This product comes fully equipped with a dual action dust extraction feature. This means that whether you are sanding down big walls or whole ceilings, there is only going to be a limited number of dust particles which is essentially going to keep your working environment clean and safe.
  • Low vibration handles – This sander was manufactured to try and reduce the vibrations in the long handle, and they have done that with this quality wall sander. Simply use the lock on feature to start sanding and away you go – you’ll not feel numb after using this product for prolonged periods thanks to its low vibration technology.
  • Variable speed control – Whatever you are sanding, whether it is an aertex ceiling or rough wall plaster, you can be sure that with the variable speed settings you will be able to cater for all sanding jobs.

In conclusion, whatever task you are presented with when it comes to sanding down large areas, you can be sure the GMC GWS600 will help you do that with ease. This product is one of the best wall sanders on the market and with its affordable price range you can be sure you won’t need deep pockets to own one.


Features: Dual action dust extraction – Low vibration handles – Variable speed control

Pricing: Mid-Range




Vitrex VITLRS700L Review – Number 2

Vitrex VITLRS700L ReviewThe Vitrex VITLRS700L Wall Sander will not only help you with your wall sanding requirements, but with its long reach handle you will also be able to sand the ceilings as well. This wall sander is a fine example of how wall sanders should be designed and with its many other features makes this a strong competitor in the wall sanders market. Have a look at some of the other features this product is able to provide:

  • Easy disc change – This product was designed to be as easy to use as possible which is why it has the ability to change abrasive discs quickly and easily. You will not need additional tools, all you will need is a replacement disc and a few seconds of your time.
  • Vacuum dust extraction – This wall sander has the ability to connect to a vacuum so dust extraction is at its maximum during operation.
  • Foldable – This long reach product is easily foldable and can be folded into a small structure to be stored away with ease after every use. This is perfect if you have a small van to use on a daily basis because it also comes with a carry case for it to be stored away in.
  • Variable speed – This products speed can be adjusted to suit the needs of the specific application, so whether you are sanding down walls or ceilings, you can be sure you will remain in full control.

In terms of price, this wall sander is a little bit more expensive than its competitors for what it provides, but its powerful motor and smooth operation which provides a professional finish is well worth the money you pay for it. If you are looking for a good quality wall sander that can also cater for your ceiling sanding requirements, you may look towards this Vitrex Wall Sander for your needs.


Features: Vacuum dust extraction – Foldable – Long reach – Variable speeds

Pricing: Mid-Range





Timbertech Review – Number 3

Timbertech ReviewThe Timbertech brand isn’t one of the most popular brands around but with products such as the Timbertech Electric Drywall Wall Sander will certainly benefit their name. This product has a variety of features that will benefit you when sanding the drywall to perfection, ready for the plasterers to do their job. This product is more for the commercial workers who need a product that can sand drywall in bulk and do it quickly. If you are interested in getting to know a bit more about this product, have a look at some of the features it provides:

  • Extraction hose – The extraction hose included with the purchase is a massive 4 metres in length so you can be sure that even working high, any excess dust will be extracted away from the area.
  • Lightweight design – This product only weighs up to 5kg so you can be sure that even working overhead is not going o be strenuous work. The long reach handle will also ensure that half the time you are not even working above head height, which is going to save you from aches and pains.
  • Velcro attachments – The disc wheel itself is Velcro based so any Velcro sandpaper discs can be attached and removed within seconds, so you can concentrate on the job in hand.
  • Multiple accessories – This purchase comes with multiple accessories to make your sanding jobs even easier. This sand r comes with six different sand paper discs, an extraction hose, two adaptors for vacuum attachments, a tool kit, two replacement carbon brushes, and an easy to follow instruction manual.

This drywall sander is one of the cheapest around and consumers who have purchased this have no idea why others would pay double the money for something that isn’t as good. This product is definitely affordable when compared with its competitors and along with the features it provides and the accessories it comes with makes this product excellent value for money.


Features: Extraction host – Tool kit – Lightweight design – Velcro attachable

Pricing: Affordable






When you look at all three products in this list in more detail you will quickly realise the GMC Wall Sander is the best product that offers great value for money. The other two sanders definitely offer a lot in terms of features for their price but they don’t come close to the GMC Wall Sander because of its ease of use. If you are on the lookout for a good quality wall sander that also has the ability to work overhead, it doesn’t come much better than the GMC Wall Sander.





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