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Top 3 Orbital Sanders On The Market

Orbital sanders are great little tools for any job that requires a sander, but are primarily used for sanding down curved wooden objects because of the sanders ability to get into all the nooks and crannies. Whether you are looking to sand down some chair legs or a whole table, you can be sure an orbital sander will be able to undertake any sanding job put in front of it.

You will find that many orbital sanders provided by different brands all offer different features and depending on how much you spend on one, will depend on its overall ability. Of course, there are plenty of good orbital sanders out there that need not cost a lot of money, and the top three orbital sanders on the market are the ones listed below.

Bosch Review – Our Number 1

Bosch 603378070 ReviewThe Bosch brand is one of the most popular companies when it comes to power tools, and buying an orbital sander with the Bosch name written on it will ensure you are in safe hands. The Bosch 603378070 Random Orbit Sander (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is a perfect example of how all orbital sanders should operate, and the fact this one comes with many features that makes sanding down a breeze, makes this sander one of the most popular around. If you are looking for a good quality orbital sander, have a look at some of the features this one provides:

  • Powerful 220 W Motor – The 220 W motor integrated into this Bosch sander will ensure sanding down isn’t strenuous work, and all jobs are completed with a professional Bosch finish.
  • Comfortable operation – Bosch wanted to create a product that was not only powerful and could sand any object with ease, but they also wanted to make sure it was comfortable for anyone to operate – and they have achieved that with this sander thanks to its easy grip solution.
  • Dust extraction – There is a built in dust extraction feature that ensures maximum dust is extracted for safer working practises, and it also provides a much better finish. Once the box is filled with excess dust it can simply be removed and emptied ready to continue sanding.
  • Velcro fastened – Any sand paper used with the Bosch Random Orbit Sander can be quickly fastened and removed thanks to the Velcro material used. This means it only takes a few seconds to change from a used sand paper product to a fresh one.

The Bosch brand continues to provide quality with every product they release on to the market, and the Bosch Random Orbit Sander retains that quality. This product is very affordable and comes with plenty of features such as the dust extraction and comfortable grip operation, which makes it very hard to compete with. If you are looking for a quality orbital sander that is going to do the trick and much more, this top quality Bosch product should definitely be considered as your next power tool.


Features: Dust Extraction – 220 W Motor – Velcro Fastening Sand Paper – Comfortable Grip

Pricing: Mid range




Vonhaus Review – Number 2

Vonhaus sander ReviewThe Vonhaus Random Orbit Sander is quickly becoming one of the go to products for power tool enthusiasts thanks to the quality features it provides, and overall ability to sand down objects quickly and efficiently. This affordable orbital sander was first available in 2015 and even though it’s only been around for just over a year, there are plenty of people that rely on this product’s abilities. If you are looking for a good quality orbital sander, you should have a look at the features this Vonhaus product provides:

  • Lightweight design – This product was designed to be as lightweight as possible so users won’t succumb to aches and pains after using it for long periods.
  • 2 year warranty – This affordable orbital sander comes with a two year free warranty so you will have peace of mind knowing your Vonhaus sander is going to last, and if it doesn’t, it will be replaced.
  • 430 Watt Powerful Motor – This product consists of a powerful 430 Watt motor which will ensure maximum performance during any application. This means any sanding application is done quickly and professionally.
  • Dust extraction & bag – The dust extraction feature will ensure your working environment is clean and safe, which also means any sanding job is complete with the ultimate finish. A dust extraction bag is also included with the purchase of this sander that can be emptied out once full.

The Vonhas brand continues to surprise people with every product they release on to the market, and how they have managed to manufacture a quality product in the Vonhaus Random Orbit Sander for the price tag it’s at is remarkable. This product also comes with a few sanding pads so as soon as this item is delivered to your door, you will be able to quickly get this product out the box and start sanding right away.


Features: Extraction Bag – 430 Watt motor – 2 year warranty – Lightweight design

Pricing: Affordable





Silverline Review – Number 3

Silverline 264125 ReviewThe rectangular Silverstorm Orbital Sander is perfect for those looking to sand down bigger areas thanks to its rectangular plate design. Silverstorm are well-known for their quality products in the very affordable market and they continue to provide products such as the Orbital Sander for a fraction of the price of its competitors. If you are looking for an affordable sander that is ultimately going to get the job done, have a look at some of the other features this product provides:

  • Lock-on button – Instead of keeping your finger on the trigger for prolonged periods, you will be able to use the simple lock on feature that will keep the motor going for as long as needed. This will save your hands a great deal so all you have to do is to concentrate on keeping the sander moving.
  • Dust extraction – Any dust excess is easily extracted away from the area you are working on thanks to the handy dust extraction port built into this sanders design. This product doesn’t come with a dust bag, but it does keep the dust away from the working area which is very handy and keeps the working area tidy.
  • Comfortable use – The handle at the back with the trigger will provide a good enough grip, but there is also a handle at the front of the sander to provide much more comfort and control over the sander itself.
  • Easy sand paper change – This product offers an easy sand paper change and that can be done by simply lifting the metal levers on both ends of the plate and then removing the old one and replacing it with the new one.

This product certainly doesn’t offer anything different than the standard orbital sanders out there, but with the price this sander comes at means it is a sure winner in the affordable sanders market. This product ultimately gets the job done so it is perfect for anyone looking for a grafter for their sanding needs.


Features: Dust extraction port – Easy sand paper change – Comfortable use

Pricing: Affordable






All three of the sanders above are very affordable and come with their own features that make them unique when compared with each other, but there is only one winner here and that is the Bosch Orbital Sander because not only does it have the name that everybody knows and loves, but it also has a much easier sand paper change feature in Velcro which makes sanding even more efficient.

If you are looking for a good quality orbital sander, then the Bosch Orbital Sander will certainly meet your expectations – and the great thing about it is that it isn’t going to set you back an awful lot to own one.






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