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Top 3 Palm Sanders On The Market

Palm Sanders are great additions to the power tools industry thanks to their overall comfort and ability to sand in places where space is limited and regular electric sanders may struggle. They are named “Palm Sanders” because of their overall structure that can be held in the palm of a hand with ease – so sanding is non-strenuous work.

There are many palm sanders on the market today and all of them offer a variety of features to suit a variety of applications, so it’s often a hard choice when looking to buy a new one. The important thing to consider when looking to add a palm sander to your toolbox is to see if it has a long lasting structure that can be used on a daily basis. There are a few palm sanders that are among some of the most popular on the market though, and three of them are listed below.

Black & Decker KA2500K-GB Review – Our Number 1

Black & Decker KA2500K-GB ReviewThe Black & Decker brand nearly has a product on offer in all of the power tools markets, which is why they are one of the most trusted brands around. The Black & Decker Mouse Sander (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is a good addition to anyone’s tool box thanks to its compact design and ability to sand wooden objects with ease. This particular mouse sander was designed to be as comfortable as possible which is why it represents nearly the same shape of a computer mouse – it can easily be held with one hand so sanding isn’t going to be an issue, and swapping hands in between applications is possible to give each hand a break. Have a look at some of the other features this product offers:

  • Dust collection – This product was designed with an integrated dust collector, otherwise known as a micro filtration dust collector. This means that during any application, any excess dust is sucked up through the holes in the sand paper and then placed in the dust collection box so you can empty it out after every sanding job.
  • Versatile product – This mouse sander isn’t just used for wooden objects, it can also help with rust removable and metal polishing which makes it a lot more versatile than other mouse sanders on the market.
  • Free kit box – You will be presented with a nice kit box for you to store your sand away in after every use. You will also get a few free accessories in the free sand paper and tips to help you get into some of the hard to reach places.
  • Comfortable grip – This compact mouse sander also has three different grip points which makes it even easier to hold, so you are in full control during any application.

This mouse sander comes at a great price seeing as it comes with its own kit box and a few extra accessories to make your sanding experience even easier. If you are looking for a reliable mouse sander then you can always trust the Black & Decker brand to make sure your experience is a comfortable one.


Features: Kit Box – Comfortable Grip – Versatile – Dust collection system

Pricing: Mid range




Bosch PSM Review – Number 2

Bosch PSM ReviewThe Bosch range continues to provide quality with every product they release and the Bosch PSM Multi-Sander makes the brand even better. This product will allow you to sand in the smallest of areas thanks to its compact and pointed design, and with its many features makes this product excellent value for money. This small sander has everything from a micro filter system to a simple Velcro attachable sand paper feature – so for the price you are paying you are getting nothing but quality. If you are currently on the lookout for a new mouse sander then you should definitely consider this one. Have a look at some of the features this product is able to offer:

  • Micro filter feature – The micro filter feature was introduced so that excess dust is at its complete minimum. The feature will suck up the dust into its dust collector, and a vacuum can be attached to it to provide the ultimate dust extraction solution.
  • Compact & Lightweight design – The compact & lightweight design this mouse sander is built upon makes sanding a lot easier on the wrists and fingers. The easy grip solutions that are also provided means you are comfortable and in control during any application.
  • Velcro fastening system – A lot of mouse sanders out there do not make it easy to change the sand paper, but with the Velcro feature this product provides means you can change sand paper within seconds.
  • Versatile – Thanks to this sanders overall size means it is able to sand products in their smallest forms, but it can also sand larger areas thanks to its flat plate design.

This Bosch product will certainly make your sanding experience a lot easier and with all of the features it provides ensures you are in full control during any application. This mouse sander is one of the most compact sanders on the market and with the power it possesses ensures you can breeze through any sanding job quickly. You should definitely look at this product if you are looking for a mouse sander that is one of the cheapest around.


Features: Dust Micro Fibre System – Compact – Lightweight – Velcro fastening

Pricing: Affordable




Draper 76219 Palm Review – Number 3

Draper 76219 Palm ReviewThe Draper brand is one of the cheapest in the power tools market but that doesn’t mean their tools are cheaply made. Their products speak for themselves and they all provide a variety of features that make any job easy. The Draper 76219 Palm Sander is a good example of one of their more affordable products and it still offers the same experience as some of the more expensive brands. Have a look at some of the features this product provides:

  • Hook & Loop – This Draper product provides the user with the ability to change sand paper quickly thanks to its Hook & Loop feature.
  • Versatile – Even though this is a Palm Sander for sand paper and wooden products, consumers have also tried it with a variety of applications such as car polishing using specially made polishing pads – so it’s very versatile.
  • Compact design – This product was designed to fit in one hand for comfortable application and that is exactly what it provides to consumers.
  • Dust extraction – For a product that is already cheap enough, this Draper Palm Sander also comes with an integrated dust extraction facility which will keep the working area a lot tidier, and will also provide a better finish.
  • Two year warranty – This product also provides an amazing two year warranty so you can be sure this product is going to last for a life time.

In terms of features and its ability to quickly sand areas efficiently, this is one of the best Palm Sanders around for its price. There aren’t many products about that can offer this many features as well as a two year warranty for this price. If you are looking for a cheap alternative for a palm sander, then it doesn’t get any cheaper than this.


Features: Comfortable – Compact – Lightweight – 2 year warranty – Dust extraction

Pricing: Affordable





All three products provide a comfortable experience that makes sure users are in full control during application, and they all provide sufficient enough features to make sure the experience is an easy one. But in terms of high performance with a brand you can trust, it doesn’t really get any better than the Black & Decker product, which is why it tops this list.

This product not only comes with plenty of features that makes sanding a breeze but it also comes with a free kit box which keeps the sander and accessories stored together. If you are looking for an affordable palm sander that is gong to give you the best performance, then you should definitely consider the Black & Decker Palm Sander for your requirements.





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