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Top 3 Multi Sanders On The Market

Whatever sanding job you are looking to undertake, having a multi sander at your disposal is going to make your life a lot easier. Whether you are looking to sand around bannisters or in between objects that require the smallest of sanders, having a multi sander is going to make all sanding jobs a breeze thanks to their attachments.

Power tool brands around the world quickly realised there is a market for a one of a kind sander which is why all of them were quick to release their own multi sanders that included a variety of features that make sanding much easier.

You will find they vary a lot in size and many of them come with a variety of attachments so they can undertake most sanding jobs put in front of them. If you are on the lookout for a new multi sander, have a look at the three below as they are the most popular on the market currently.

Skil 7226AE Review – Our Number 1

Skil 7226AE ReviewThe Skil brand is quickly becoming popular thanks to their powerful tools and their ability to be versatile in everything they do. The Skil 7226AE Multi-Sander (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is much like their other products in the sense it can undertake multiple sanding jobs in one easy to use product. This Multi-Sander comes with a few extras and also attachments that will make sanding in all of the hard to reach places much easier. Whether you are looking to sand down bigger table top areas or in between wooden poles on the stairs, you can be sure that with thanks to the attachments this product provides that it will be an easy job. Have a look at some of the many features this Skil Multi-Sander is able to provide:

  • Multiple Attachments – This Skil sander comes with three different attachments that will make sanding a breeze. This means that you will be able to sand in the hardest to reach places thanks to its pointy and skinny attachments that are included with this purchase.
  • Multiple sanding functions – This sander has the ability to sand in different motions. It has the ability to Delta, Orbital, and Random Orbit so you can be sure all of your sanding requirements will be met with a different motion if need be.
  • Easy Velcro Change – When your sand paper is no more, changing it is very simple thanks to its Velcro attachment feature. Simply remove the existing sand paper and replace it with a new one, it takes a matter of seconds.
  • Built in dust collector – When you are sanding you will often be bombarded with plenty of dust that just gets in the way of any application. This product comes with a built in dust extraction system so it will collect all of the excess dust in its box ready for you to chuck away once finished. This keeps the working area clean and tidy, and provides a much better finish to any job that requires sanding.

This product isn’t the cheapest around, but it definitely makes up for it with its high performance and ability to sand a variety of objects regardless of how intricate they are. If you are looking for a true warrior when it comes to sanding, then you will definitely have one in this Skil Multi-Sander. It has everything you need to sand both domestically and commercially.


Features: Dust extraction – Multiple attachments – Multiple sanding motions – Easy Velcro change

Pricing: High end




Bosch PSM 200 Review – Number 2

Bosch PSM 200 ReviewThe Bosch PSM Multi-Sander is perfect for both intricate sanding and bulk sanding thanks to its ability to change plates. The triangle plate will ensure you are able to sand around smaller objects and the bigger rectangular plate will make it a lot easier for you to sand bigger surfaces. Whatever your sanding requirements are, you can be sure this Bosch PSM 200 Multi-Sander will give it a very good go. Have a look at some of the other features this quality Bosch product provides:

  • Lightweight design – This product is very lightweight and only weighs a measly 2.8kg, so you can be sure that no matter how long you are using the Bosch Multi-Sander for, you aren’t going to be strained.
  • Quick Velcro pad change – Changing sand paper pads is very easy thanks to the Velcro pads used with his sander. Simply detach and older pad and replace it with a new one – it takes lets than 10 seconds to change a pad with this sander.
  • SDS Base Plate change – The SDS Base Plate change is one of the unique features that not a lot of multi-sanders can offer. But this Bosch product is able to do just that and users will be able to choose between a small triangular plate or a large rectangular plate depending on their specific requirements.
  • Micro-filter system – The micro-filter system is there to suck up any excess dust through the pads and then deposit it into the box behind it. Once you are finished sanding you can simply remove the box, empty it, and then attach it again within just a few seconds.

In terms of features and performance it doesn’t get a lot better than this Bosch Multi-Sander – it has everything you need to be able to undertake almost any sanding job with ease. Bosch have always provided quality products to their consumers and this product is no different. If you are looking for a quality and adaptable multi-sander then you should definitely look towards the Bosch PSM 200 AES Multi-Sander for your sanding objectives.


Features: Micro-filter system – SDS Base Plate Change – Lightweight – Compact – Velcro pads

Pricing: Mid range





Black & Decker KS272 Review – Number 3

Black & Decker KS272 ReviewYet another sander in the Black & Decker range is the Black & Decker KS272 Multi-Sander. This multi-sander is ready and waiting to undertake any sanding job you have, regardless of its size or difficulty. If you have some rounded chair legs to sand or some sanding to do around some bannisters, you can be sure this Black & Decker Multi-Sander is always up to the task. Have a look at some of the features this product is able to provide:

  • Hook & Loop Attachment – The Hook & Loop feature was implemented to make sure changing pads was as easy as possible. Simply remove the pad and replace it with a new one, and within a few seconds you are ready to start sanding again.
  • Cyclonic Dust Extraction – This feature will ensure that any dust on the working service is automatically blown away, giving you a much clearer vision of the job in hand.
  • Free bag for storage – A free soft bag is included with this purchase so you can keep your sander and other handy tools together in one easy to find place.
  • Reversible plate – The reversible plate feature is a great little tool that will enable you to reverse the plate so you can work in the smallest of areas.
  • Plenty of free accessories – You will be presented with 30 free sheets of sand paper, a soft bag, and an easy to read manual to help you get started.

There aren’t many tools on the market than the Black & Decker range and this Multi-Sander suggests why. Its powerful motor and multiple features ensures an easy sanding experience that isn’t going to take a lot of hard work. This product provides everything from a simple Hook & Loop sand paper change feature to a cyclonic dust blower that keeps the dust away – all of this for a small price to pay. If you are looking for a good quality sander that is going to do everything and more, you should definitely consider this product and all of the features it provides to make sanding a lot easier.


Features: Cyclonic Dust Blow – Free Accessories – Soft Bag – Compact & Lightweight – Reversible Plate

Pricing: Affordable






All three of the Multi-Sanders above offer something different than their competitors and all of them are compact and lightweight enough to use for prolonged periods. With that being said, there is only one product here that stands out from the rest and that is the Skil 7226AE Multi-Sander.

This product might prove to be a little more expensive than the other two but it definitely makes up for it in terms of performance and a professional finish. If you are looking for a good quality Multi-Sander that is going to offer you a lot of choice depending on the job you are looking to undertake, you should consider the Skil 7226AE Multi-Sander.






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