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Mirka Random Orbital Palm Air Sander Review

Mirka Sander Review 2015 - 2016The Mirka brand isn’t one that stands out from the rest in terms of popularity, but it is a brand that you can trust especially when it comes to their high performing air sander products. The Mirka Random Orbital Palm Air Sander (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is a sander that is going to take the stress away from any sanding job put in front of it. It has a variety of uses and can cater for people looking to sand down large furniture to other consumers looking to work with vehicles – so it is very versatile in that respect. In terms of features and price, it’s one of the best value for money sanders out there that is going to be able to provide the best finish to any sanding job it completes.

Mirka has a few air sanders in their range and they all offer different features and benefits depending on the job they are designed for, but this product is great because it can complete a variety of jobs to a professional standard in one easy to use product. This particular sander is very lightweight and can be used with one hand, and the sander itself is designed to put the user in full control of all applications. Have a look at some of the many features this Mirka Orbital Palm Air Sander is able to provide:

  • Versatile – Whether you are looking for a sander for domestic or professionally purposes, you can be sure this Mirka Air Sander is going to offer the professional finish you need regardless of the sanding job in front of it. This product has the ability to do a variety of tasks thanks to its lightweight design and the fact it can be fitted with a variety of pads depending on the job its needed to do. Many consumers use this sander to smooth walls to great effect, and others use the sander for sanding down car paint so it has a variety of uses in one compact design.




  • Lightweight – The overall design of the Mirka Random Orbital Palm Air Sander is very lightweight and weighs less than 1kg. This means that even if you are conducting work on walls where your arm will need to be above head height, it’s not going to be strenuous work thanks to its lightweight design.
  • High performance & Best finish – This product not only offers high performance thanks to its powerful motor but it also offers the best finish regardless of the job it is undertaking. The great thing about this product is that it comes with a dust extraction system which is going to clear the dust and thus provides a much better finish to all applications.
  • 3 year warranty – This Mirka product comes with a standard 2 year warranty upon purchase, and consumers have the opportunity to get an additional 1 year warranty if the product is registered within the first 30 days of purchase. This means that should anything go wrong with your Mirka product, you are always covered for a repair or a replacement.
  • Variable speeds – This Mirka sander comes fully equipped with variable speed technology so no matter the application you are working with, you can alter the speed to suit. This means that all applications are completed with a much better finish and it will look a lot better to the naked eye.
  • Ergonomically designed – This product is not only lightweight but it was also ergonomically designed so you can be sure it is going to be easy to hold during any application. It is important that power sanders are designed with comfort in mind because they are very hard to use products for long periods of time, especially when it comes to the numbing effects that come into play.
  • Vacuum port – This product is able to fit together with most vacuums in the industry thanks to its unique vacuum port. It is designed with a vacuum port so all you have to do is fit this with your vacuum cleaner and it will provide an even better way to extract dust. Dust extraction ultimately means a much better finish to all applications.
  • Dust bag – If you are not using the vacuum port to extract dust then you will be able to use the dust bag that comes with it. Simply attach the dust bag before operation and it will collect all of the dust it extracts so you can empty it at a later time that suits your needs. The vacuum port offers the best form of dust extraction but sometimes that isn’t possible and a dust bag will have to be used instead.

In conclusion, the Mirka Orbital Palm Air Sander is a product that should be used professionally, but it definitely has features that makes domestic use viable. If you are looking for a good quality sander that has a variety of uses, then this product will definitely suit your needs.


Features: Versatile – Easy to use – Lightweight – Dust bag – Vacuum Port – Ergonomically designed

Pricing: High-End

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