Black And Decker Mouse Sander Review 2020 – 2021

Black & Decker KS272 Review

Black & Decker Mouse Sander

This Mouse Sander by Black & Decker (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is one of the cheapest Mouse Sanders on the market, especially when compared with products in the higher-end range. It comes with many features such as the rotatable base that allows the use of worn out sand paper pads and also the removable tips that will allow even more intricate sanding.

black-decker-ka161bc-mouse-detail-sanderWhether you are only a domestic user or a professional tradesmen, this product has many benefits that will give you an instant advantage over any sanding work you wish to undertake. Black & Decker have been around for a long time so they know exactly what consumers want when it comes to mouse sanders, and they have implemented everything into one small compact design.

This product comes with a variety of features even though it is one of the cheapest mouse sanders on the market. Features such as the Hook & Loop quick sand paper change feature and the free accessories that come with the purchase definitely makes this one of the power tools of the generation. Have a look at some of the features this product provides its consumers:

  • Lightweight – Black & Decker wanted to manufacture a Palm Sander that was not only easy to hold but one that was also lightweight when compared with its competitors. They have achieved this with great ease with this product thanks to the fact it weighs under 1kg. This means that any sanding work that needs doing is done with the best finish and more importantly, it’s never strenuous work.
  • Compact design – This product is small enough to fit in a small hand which makes it even easier to use and the user remains in full control during all applications. The great thing about this product is that even when using during prolonged periods it’s not going to cause any aches and even if it does, simply switching hands every so often counteracts that problem.




  • Rotatable Base – The Rotatable Base feature is a handy one in the sense it allows users to use much more of the sand paper instead of just throwing it away when only part of it has been used. This feature lets the user rotate the plate in a way that it only users part of the sand paper, usually the part that hasn’t been used yet.
  • Removable tips – Mouse sanders generally come with the ability to remove and replace tips depending on the needs of the application. So if you are sanding more detailed work, you can choose different tips that will let you do that with ease. This product comes with multiple tips to help get you started.
  • Hook & Loop Quick Change -This product is one of the most affordable palm sanders on the market so unfortunately it doesn’t have the same Velcro feature that allows users to stick the sand paper straight to it. But what it does have is a simply Hook & Loop feature which doesn’t take much longer so sanding is still very efficient.
  • Easy to use – This Palm Sander is one of the easiest to use power tools available and simply plugging it in and turning it on is all that is required to get going. When the sand paper is no longer usable, it can quickly be changed using the simple Hook & Loop feature that has also been implemented into this sanders design.
  • Versatile – This product is ultimately very versatile thanks to its compact and lightweight design. This means that whether you are looking to sand bigger areas or make intricate sanding applications in between smaller areas, this product will be able to cater for all of your sanding requirements and much more.
  • Free accessories – This Palm Sander comes jam packed with plenty of accessories to get you going straight from the off. This product comes with two foam pads, two P80 sanding sheets, three P120 sanding sheets, one P180 sanding sheet, one tip, four tip sanding sheets, one bag, and one dust extractor adaptor so you will have a lot to keep you busy.
  • Long cable – Whether you are using this sander in the garden or inside, it comes equipped with a 3 metre length cable so you will be able to reach plug sockets with ease without the cable getting in the way.

This Black & Decker Mouse Sander offers a lot for the small price you pay for it. Whether you are looking to sand intricately between objects or you need to sand bigger surfaces, the compact design and overall comfort of this sander makes all sanding jobs possible. If you are looking for a quality product that you can trust, you should definitely consider this Black & Decker Mouse Sander and all of the features it provides for a fraction of the price of its competitors.


Features: Free Accessories – Dust extraction –  Versatile – Compact – Lightweight

Pricing: Affordable




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