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Top 3 Electric Sanders

Sanding paper was a remarkable invention at the time, but as time as went on we have made electrical variants of many classic inventions, including the ever utilised sanding paper through the invention of the eponymous electric sander. The electric sander takes all of the hard work out sanding paper, doing most of it for you. When thinking of which electric sanders to recommend, these are the top three that came to mind.

Ryobi EBS800V Variable Speed Belt Sander Review – Number 1

Ryobi EBS800VThe first electric sander I would like to recommend is the Ryobi EBS800V (VIEW PRICE HERE!). The Ryobi EBS800V Variable Speed Belt Sander is somewhat unique in that as opposed to the traditional tear drop design of many electrical sanders on the market, the manufacturers of the Ryobi EBS800V Belt sander decided to go against the tide and opt to use a belt design instead. A bold choice, and one that sometimes pays off for the Ryobi. Out of its many features, these are the ones that stood out to me.

  • A large 800 Watt motor which is more than powerful enough for any household jobs needed of the Ryobi.
  • A simple to use belt removal and application system minimising the amount of wasted time.
  • Small LED’s give the user feedback when it is low on battery or in the charger.
  • A large storage box on the back which stores the dust keeping the work area dust free.




Bosch PSM 160 A Multi-Sander Review – Number 2

Best Sander For WoodThe second product I’d like to recommend is part of the famous Bosch PSM line of sanders. When looking at the line up, I decided to choose the Bosch PSM 160 due to its impressive feature set. The Bosch PSM 160 A. As mentioned previously, the specific aspect of the Bosch PSM 160 that impressed me is its jam packed feature list. These are few of the features that I feel are of particular note.

  • A built in suction system and large pack included on the pack resulting in a mess free work environment.
  • A Velcro fastening strap located on the application surface making the removing and applying of the sanding paper a simple and mess free job.
  • A switch which can change the heat and the intensity of the sanding process, potentially increasing the life span of the sanding paper.
  • A remarkable 160 watt motor providing a massive amount of power, yet the whole sander itself is still relatively light weight at 1400 grams.





Bosch PSM 200 AES Multi-Sander – Number 3

Bosch PSM 200 AESThe final product I’d like to recommend is the Bosch PSM 200 AES. This another member of the famous Bosch PSM line up of electric sanders, and this is one of the best in the whole line up, combining the best aspects of some of the cheaper models with the design choices of some of the more expensive models making a perfect all-rounder. Out of all the features, these are the most notable ones.

  • The trademark Bosch Micro filler system, helping you sand the surface in the most efficient and thorough way possible keeping all the dust in the attachable storage compartment.
  • A two piece sanding plate, adding to the overall durability and longevity of the sand paper applied.
  • The Bosch PSM 200 is quite weighty at 2.7 kilograms, however, this weight actually helps the user keep it steadier when sanding and the extra weight can arguably result in a more thorough sanding performance.
  • When purchasing a sander at this price, you’d be lucky to get one that is battery power, but despite the fact the Bosch PSM 200 does come with a cord, many customer testimonies comment on its surprising ruggedness and durability.






Despite the fact that all of these electric sanders are more than effective at their jobs, in my opinion the best of the lot is the unique Ryobi EBS800V Variable Speed Belt Sander thanks to its powerful motor, LED battery feedback, cyclonic dust box for effective dust collection and general ease of use. The Bosch PSM 160 is a close second for its respectable feature set.





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