Best Detail Sanders – Top 3 In 2020 – 2021


Top 3 Detail Sanders

Suffice to say, those who aren’t well versed in the world of DIY probably still use rolls of sandpaper. Enter the sander, an automated (and usually very affordable) machine that will sand down any surface you point in its direction. When it comes to purchasing a sander, the main things you should consider is the overall durability of the device and the overall efficiency of it, taking its energy consumption and overall effectiveness when sanding.

Bosch PSM 100 A Multi-Sander Review – Number 1

Best Detail SandersThe first product I’d like to recommend is the Bosch PSM 100 A (VIEW PRICE HERE!). Chances are, if you are purchasing any product from the Bosch line up, you’ll end with a quality product more than worth your money. The Bosch PSM 100 is no exception to this rule with a full feature set. Out of all the features, these are the ones that particularly stood out to me.

  • The trademark Bosch Micro filler system, helping you sand the surface in the most efficient and thorough way possible.
  • A two piece sanding plate, adding to the overall durability and longevity of the sand paper applied.
  • The Bosch PSM 100 is also relatively lightweight, coming in at around 1.5 kilograms.
  • When purchasing a sander at this price, you’d be lucky to get one that is battery power, but despite the fact the Bosch PSM 100 does come with a cord, many customer testimonies comment on its surprising ruggedness and durability.




Black & Decker KA161BC Review – Number 2

BLACK DECKER KA161BCSpeaking of sanders which have brand recognisability, the Black & Decker line up is known for their no frills service towards getting the job done. An interesting fact that may weigh into purchasing your sander, the Black & Decker KA161BS is actually in the top 100 purchased product in the Amazon DIY & Hardware section. In its full feature set, these were the features that stood out to me.

  • A subtle tear drop shape to gain access to tight corners and hard to get to spaces.
  • Customisable tips, meaning you can take them off and on as the situation demands, increasing the general versatility.
  • The sanding paper that is made specifically for the Black & Decker KA161BC Sander is quite inexpensive, so as well as a cheap sander, the costs should be kept down as you use it.
  • The sanding paper can also be rotated increasing its life span.





Silverline 261345 Review – Number 3

Silverline 261345To contrast the big brands that I have recommended above, for the final product I’d like to recommend I have decided to take one of the lesser known brands and their headline sander, the Silverline 261345. Out of the feature set of the Silverline 261345, these are the features that stood out to me.

  • The precision tear drop design of the Silverline 261345 makes for an effective tool to get those tight spots.
  • A small suction tube just south of the main sander, sucking up the dust as you work.
  • Although for many it will not be a large factor, the Silverline has a striking aqua blue aesthetic, certainly catching a few eyes.






Although all of these sanders have individual pros and cons, when considering the prices, the feature sets and the general customer testimonies regarding each sander in my mind the best sander of the lot is undoubtedly the Bosch PSM 100 A Multi-Sander with its Micro Filler system, unique two piece sanding plate and a general ruggedness.





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